PERSONA_PARTS_MASK_B — Daniil Kharms in Adaptation

[Another six from On Existence, Time, and Space, Kharms adapted by Anon]

The Obstacle

The Différance after M


7. I shall depict the first part as this and the second part as that; I shall depict the transition from this part to that part as neither this nor that.

8. I shall depict neither this nor that as “the obstacle.”

9. Ergo, at bottom, existence is founded upon three elements: this, the obstacle, and that.

10. I shall depict non-existence as nil or one. It follows that I must depict existence by the number three.

11. Ergo, by breaking a singular void in two parts, I arrive at a trinity of existence.

12. So then, a singular void, upon encountering one or another obstacle, splits into parts that make up a trinity of existence.




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