PERSONA_PARTS_MASK_C — Daniil Kharms in Adaptation

[Six more in progress from On Existence, Time, and Space, adapted by Anon]

Profile Three

Profile Three

13. The obstacle shows up as maker to create a “something” from a “nothing.”

14. If this part, alone, is a “nothing” or a non-existent “something”, then the “obstacle” is likewise a “nothing” or a non-existent “something.”

15. It follows that there must therefore be two “nothings” or two non-existent “somethings.”

16. Should there be two “nothings” or two non-existent “somethings”, then one of them must be the “obstacle” for the other, which then breaks the other down into parts, itself becoming one of these very parts.

17. Likewise, the latter nothing or non-existent something, as obstacle for the former, splits this former into parts, itself becoming one of its very parts.

18. Thus, of their own accord, non-existent parts are created.




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