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SET_0.1_SORRY FOR THE DELAY (Settings for Five Characters)




Figures wander in and out of the waiting room. A man suspiciously resembling M Houlot cannot determine if it is safe to enter. Yuharu Atsuta crouches in one of the aisles looking from floor to window and down again. He takes a reading from his light meter then writes something in a small notebook.


No one knows from whence I derived.
I was raised in silence by a gardener
Who mistook me for a basket near a well
At the foot of the great mountain.
As a young man I traveled far and wide.
I was trained to become a shadow
By a conference of ghosts and veils.
I returned to find an artificial grove.
I did not want the dying man
To trespass in utter darkness.
I shall bathe him in light
When his time comes that will be good.
He is already heading toward his plot
Near the sweet potato and turmeric.

The voice of Anon lingers in the waiting room.


. . . / . . . [One of five from SET_0.1_Sorry for the Delay (Settings for Five Characters)]


6 September 2015
Personal blog at TSE down since yesterday, trouble with DNS recognition as I play the would-be fixer. The site should be up again soon (and may already be in some browsers). Meanwhile, I will continue posting partial daily entries here when applicable. Full entries on TSE forthcoming.

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