Disasters of Mind, Weather, & War (Illustration by Reinhard Trinkler, 2013)

Disasters of Mind, Weather, & War
(Illustration by Reinhard Trinkler, 2013)

Sunday 13 September 2015

As any keeper of a diary — public or private — I run the risk of turning in circles and speaking too often too much about and to myself. This should not become a matter of your concern. I think we all have had our fair share of me.* Enough is enough.

Thus begins my revamped blog. Welcome.

At present UNFINISHED INTERRUPTIONS consists of a number of separate works: Entire Days, Essays Within Earshot, Persona Parts, Brief Commentaries, Fundamentally Simple, Easy Lessons in Reading, Adaptations, Sets, Brief Études, Biographies, Reflections . . . Disasters of Mind, Weather, & War. . . . Each has its own structure and rules. Most often, an entry in my journal will fall into one or another of these constructs. Frequently, however, what falls is some alien structure, unsure of itself, one of the Fits & Starts, the Clutter, the Occasional Bursts, most of which borders on Embarrassing Trash. That is the price I pay for this project (and my fabulous idiocy). I do my best not to involve others in these mishaps. Knees do bleed after all. But sometimes from Trash Truth rears its ugly head and becomes the Beast-Not-to-Be-Denied. That is what I-as-Author must give Name to.

The blog UNFINISHED INTERRUPTIONS is not intended to be the book by that same title, but it will offer brief previews of many of its parts. Order will be determined by what the day dictates. Perhaps noteworthy or useful remains of me (or my activities) will be listed in ITEMS LOG or METADATA.

*On Thursday 12 September 2013 I began a writer’s journal slash web log housed at TSE, currently under reconstruction. Archives of its first two years (12-09-13 to 12-09-15) are forthcoming on the rebuilt site.

   Meanwhile, I begin year three with a working title, a shift in purpose, and a new format. I hope to share with you some information, a few useful functions, and a lot of form. 

   Content is moral or has no need to exist.


Item, In More Than Human, Theodore Sturgeon introduces the fabulous idiot.

Item, Author is wary of what social media and web-publishing ventures such as Medium are presently doing to noble contents, hence his parting remark.

Item, Author is wary of human beings in general, not the least of all himself, though still somewhat optimistic given recent news from outer space.

Item, Author is a pseudonym.

Item, Words associate with no one.

Item, Noble content does not lead to shopping.


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