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There is a master of mud.
The shaft of light
Falling, far off, from sky to land,
That is he—

The peach-bud maker,
The mud master,
The master of the mind.

                          —Wallace Stevens

The Obstacle after M


The Trinity

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“In order to understand, I destroyed myself.” — Fernando Pessoa


“I can go out on stage as an actor and I myself am not there. So I am by way of virtual expression. I am insofar as they act. I am personally like a director, not on the stage but existing in every point of action. So that’s why I say that all poetic conduct involves personages. I’m not in my texts but at the same time, just as the director is not on the stage, I am the play. I am the structure.” — Dimitry Prigov


“The self is assigned to others.” — Michael Palmer

by Tim Trompeter

by Tim Trompeter

Persona Parts is a publishing venture that follows upon a small press I founded in Paris in the early 1980s — Moving Letters Press. The idea then was to publish a magazine and chapbook series that would be sent through regular mail and received in much the same way as a personal letter. Each issue could be read in one sitting and passed around, stuck on a shelf, or thrown away. In all, 13 issues of the magazine and 5 chapbooks were published. Contributors included Anne-Marie Albiach, Norma Cole, Steve Benson, Pierre Joris (translating Paul Celan), Ron Silliman, Michael Palmer, Carla Harryman, Larry Eigner, Tom Raworth, Leslie Scalapino, Barrett Watten, Jean Daive, Gail Sher, Claude Royet-Journoud, Kaija Saariaho, Tom Mandel, Eric Selland,  Minoru Yoshioka, Warren Sonbert and others (authors by issue forthcoming).

Some thirty years later, after having moved to Petersburg, Russia, I started The Second Embassy (TSE), an ambitious cultural and publishing program that failed to get off the ground for a number of reasons.  What remains today of TSE is a site featuring my daily blog – The Second Embassy (12 September 2013 to Present Day). At josephsimas.com I will display various forms of my work as author, director, and publisher.

Persona Parts is one of these forms. Guest authors are invited to create a writing persona, either as pseudonym, fictional character, or alter ego. This is, of course, common practice for poets and writers of fiction. Here, I am seeking authors who have or are willing to step outside of their usual genres to play with personae newly met or invented and placed near parts unknown.

— Joseph Simas

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